The Artist of this Year (Album Fisik)
Desember 2019 - Februari 2020: MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 - BTS
Maret 2020 - Mei 2020: Delight - Baekhyun EXO
Juni 2020 - Agustus 2020: Heng:garæ - Seventeen
September 2020 - November 2020: BE (Deluxe Edition) - BTS

The World K-Pop Rookie: ATEEZ dan ITZY
The Music Steady Seller of the Year: Blueming - IU
The Hot Performance of the Year: Oneiric Diary - IZ*ONE dan IN生 - Stray Kids
The Style of this Year (Choreography): Son Sung Deuk
The Style of this Year (Stylist): Park Min Hee dan Kim Bal Ko
The Performer of this Year (Musical Instrument Performance): YOUNG
Performer of this Year (Chorus): Kriz
The Composer of this Year: Pop Time
The Lyricist of this Year: IU
The K-POP Contribution of This Year: Lee Soo Man
The Int’l Rising Star of this Year: Dance Monkey - TONES AND I

The Social Hot Star of this Year: Blackpink
Mubeat Global Choice Awards - Female: Blackpink
Mubeat Global Choice Awards - Male: Lim Young Woong
The Popular Singer of this Year: Phocha - Hwang In Wook
The Discovery of this Year: Young Tak
Top Kit-Seller of this Year: NCT
The World K-POP Star: NCT

The Rookie of this Year (Digital Music Part): aespa
The Rookie of this Year (Physical Album Part): ENHYPEN
The Retail Album of this YearMAP OF THE SOUL: 7 - BTS
The Record Production of This Year: Chagmo bersama AMBITION MUSIK

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