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JepangBand asal Jepang ONE OK ROCK akan menggelar konser di Jakarta pada 29-30 September 2023 bertajuk ONE OK ROCK Luxury Disease Asia Tour 2023.

Salah satu lagu yang populer dari band rock ini adalah Renegades. Seperti apa liriknya? Berikut di bawah ini.

Lirik Lagu Renegades – ONE OK ROCK

Got a fire in my soul
I've lost my faith in this broken system
Got love for my home
But if we cry, is there anyone listening?
We're the forgotten generation
We want an open conversation
Follow me on this road
You know we gotta let go

For all of the times that they said it's impossible
They built the hurdles, the walls and the obstacles
When we're together you know we're unstoppable now

I'm not afraid
To tear it down and build it up again (up again)
It's not our fate (hey)
We could be the renegades
I'm here for you, ooh
Are you here for me too?
Let's start again (hey)
We could be the renegades

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