Just popped a kidney, I bought a million options of the stock
And I stopped doing the green
Man, I rock arenas, bringing the peace and I'm bumpin' that Pac
In the car, pretending I got all the eyes on me

Got a bad baby and she's independent
Too many people older than me that's seeking attention
When they warned me 'bout the goofies, man I shoulda listened
And the smell of the money my strangest addiction, uh

She tip for dick
I let her lick
I had to dip
I'm off a 5th
Am I rich now?

I bought a whip
I paint it pink
It drive itself
The fuck you think?
Yeah, I'm rich now

Hey little mamma, yeah, you heard about me?
I'ma pop you like a pea, yeah, edamame
Yeah, I feel so hot like I'm chilling on the beach
Yeah, baby in the sun like the Teletubbies

Balls hanging low while I pop a bottle off a yacht
Chain swinging, cling clang and it cost a lot
Bitch, I'm always after guallla, yeah and you are not
Badass B, keep on going 'til you hit the spot, woah

I'm a big bag hunter with the bow
She got a big bad dumper, drop it low
Momma called me and she happy with the growth
Never ever fold for a thottie, that's an oath

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