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IntipSeleb Musik – Angel Pt.1 merupakan soundtrack resmi untuk film FAST X, bagian terakhir dari franchise Fast and Furious. Kemudian, Big Hit dan The Fast Saga mengungkapkan Jimin BTS turut mengisi soundtrack film Fast and Furious 10 bersama NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, JVKE, dan Muni Long.

Penasaran seperti apa lirik dari Angle Pt.1 beserta terhemahannya? Yuk, intip artikel di bawah ini!

Lirik Lagu Angle Pt.1

[Chorus: JVKE & Jimin]

Angel, don't fly so close to me
I pull you down eventually
You don't want to lose those wings
People like me break beautiful things
Angel, don't fly so close to me
I'm what you want,notwhatyou need
You don'twant to losethose wings
People like me break beautiful things

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]

I give it all up to ease your pain, yeah, I would do that all day
I stepped back from the game to keep you out of harm's way
Risk it all for the game but it take more than one person

Two people one 'til I feel the same when you hurtin'
I was still in middle school when Givens fled the whip
Bodies were droppin' before we ever knew 'bout the truck
We gonna be family no matter what way this go, brother
From the ugly corner where everybody betray each other

I let you hang in the jets, I let you bang with my set
Put you before my own flesh like why'd I ever do that
Me and the streets got soul ties
The devil on my shoulder he whisper but I told him

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